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 Where ever you are in the concrete jungle, we can help your customers find you

Dec the Designer says:
My thought process here came from the sensation of being lost at sea or in a jungle. NYC is considered the concrete jungle and this image of the city’s streets with the text, reinforces how mapping can to help your company be found wherever you are.

Sage One Charts

 Extend your sage one accounting written reports to take control of your business

Dec the Designer says:
Sage One provides direction through reports and mapping through the business world, helping you predict the direction to go and what is up ahead. This can be conveyed in the real world as a compass which provides direction and purpose whilst navigating.

Spindle Professional

An Intelligent windows print driver, reducing the printing and processing costs of your documents

Dec the Designer says:
Spindle is all about being green, saving money, and paper and printing costs. As a direct link to that I have chosen to show the amazon rain forest, and what the user will help save by using Spindle software today.

Credit Hound

‘Release the Hounds’ – C. M. Burns


Credit Hound is designed to help you reduce the time it takes to get paid – improving your cash flow and saving you time.

Dec the Designer says:
Credit Hound is a chasing software system which takes away the worry of following up clients by doing it for you. Hunting Dogs were used for the same reason, to hunt foxes so the owners didn't have to do all the hard work. credit hound does the hard chasing for you.
Kinspeed say:
Now, where did the fox go?

Document Capture

No hassle document capture allows you to archive and view documents directly from Sage 200

Dec the Designer says:
A camera can catch all the important moments in your life, and document capture does the same for your business, but better, allowing you to view them when you want, for reference and record.


The complete fax server solution with email intergration

Dec the Designer says:
I have reinforced the products features with a play on words, and represented this visually. Focusing on how Zetafax can save you money by streamlining your company with one system, I have chosen the image of the three cyclists slip streaming as a team suggesting how as a team you can succeed, and how working together in one direction can further progress your goals. Further reinforcing working as one within the company with Zetafax, you can achieve your goals.

Our Sage-Metapack integration makes getting your product to your customer easier, quicker and less expensive

Dec the Designer says:
The objective of Metapack software is to make postage quick easier and cheaper, and this is a direct approach to suggesting the software’s function.