Case Studies | Kinspeed are the second largest online retailer of clothing in the UK. They have now expanded into most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand the Far East and the USA.

Dec the Designer says:
Boohoo are all about fashion and we at Kinspeed are proud to work with them. I have focused around the focus of boohoo, as the name does not suggest fashion instantly, however it is now a household name and so people to relate this early on. I also focused on the 24-7 aspect that although the shops on the high street close, boohoo is always there for your fashion needs.

GL Hearn is a specialist provider of property and planning advice. Based in High Holborn London they were founded in 1923. Today GL Hearn is a successful multi-skilled property consultancy, providing services such as Business Rates, Planning Valuation and Building consultancy. They have a nationwide network of offices in London, Manchester Glasgow, Bristol, Cheltenham Sunderland and Southampton.

Dec the Designer says:
Using the same company logo but in a more dynamic way, to further represent their brand identity.

Dec the Designer says:
Representing the brand identity through the use of the logo, and using a woman as women are the main target market for slimming world.

“Implementing Spindle Professional has helped us to streamline processes, save money and improve our service to our customers – we wouldn’t be without it. Now, if you need a postage stamp at Towsure you have to fill in a Capex form!”

Andrew Hogg

Managing Director