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Software Development

Your needs are tailored to, from original plans to a final working solution. If you’re a small or large business you can benefit from our custom accounting solutions.

Dec the Designer says:
The image of The Shard's foundations shows how something as tall and prominent as The Shard all starts from something small and is built from the ground up. This is to suggest how here at Kinspeed our software developers can build a software solution for you that we can turn into something breathtaking.
Kinspeed say:'s scaffolding

Sage Development

Using Sage as a framework and your company as the blueprint, create the basis of your personalised accounting solution.

Dec the Designer says:
The following image follows on from software development. Reinforce the image of what that building can become. This further reiterates the development of the building, and how software development can take the same structural growth.

.NET Development

Our team of project managers, systems analysts and developers can write large and small software applications using .net technologies

Dec the Designer says:
Makes use of an obvious pun and play on words. And is an obvious approach which get straight to the topic of the page.

Dec the Designer says:
The Fox is direct word play on the software's title, reinforcing this. The fox is calm and relaxed to help suggest the peace the software can provide to the user, with the fox looking towards the Kinspeed logo to move you, the viewer and their focus back to Kinspeed who can help with this software.
Kinspeed say:
Now, where are those dastardly hounds?