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We specialise in creating sites which are powerful, easy to navigate and buy from. Perfect for your customers to surf the web

Dec the Designer says:
With this design I have used a typical play on words which has been around since the internet started ‘surf the web’ using a surfer to reinforce this. however I have used this image to also suggest fluidity in the shopping process, and with the surfer making it look so easy which his relaxed body language, further reinforce the simplicity of e-commerce.


Control your website through your accounting software written by Kinspeed, which is designed to link sage accounting software to your website

Dec the Designer says:
Following the same theme as e-commerce the concept focuses on personal control and how to manage your website. The amount of control required whilst surfing is high and this is to suggest that this control of your site can be achieved with Webshop as part of your suite.

As e-commerce experts we use Magento to create your site, helping your company make that leap into e-commerce

Dec the Designer says:
Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith, you can prepare, research and train, but until you jump you will never know the end result. I want to show this mind set as e-commerce can sometimes be a lot like this, and I want this image to suggest how Kinspeed can help you prepare for that jump.

Shared Equity

Kinspeed provide shared equity e-commerce websites and a range of services at no charge to approved companies