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CounterPoint EPOS Software

A quick EPOS solution, seamlessly connecting with your accounting solutions

Dec the Designer says:
Shopping with your friends is fun and relaxing, but shopping can also be stressful when it’s busy and till systems are pushed during busy periods. The image I have chosen is to help visually suggest the stress free and easy payment system Counterpoint provides, meaning happy shoppers and happy customers for you with counterpoint.


making online payment easier, quicker and more user friendly

Dec the Designer says:
Online payment made simple. Now with an iPad/ or touch screen being the easiest interface to use, this helps further suggest the direct and easy approach sagepay can provide to online payment

Dec the Designer says:
Payment made easy. Verifone is a secure and personal payment method. The human interaction in the image reinforces the personal touch the software provides when interacted with. With quick and efficient serve being key.

Loyalty System Services

Give your customers a treat. Kinspeed have vast experience in creating loyalty systems which could provide a customer incentive to help boost your business

Dec the Designer says:
Underwoods are one of our current clients who have an established loyalty system set up by kinspeed.