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Dec the Designer says:
The Wall Street bull, or charging bull was installed after the 1987 Wall Street crash to symbolise the strength and power of the American people, even through adversity. This bull has grown to become the image of Wall Street and the financial sector, this image is being used now to suggest the financial strength and reliability of Sage 200.

Dec the Designer says:
I developed an understanding that Sage 200 is a full ERP solution that can help your company grow. With this in mind I looked to the future and how businesses strive to a set goal or standard. This gave me the tag line to work around: ‘ERP solutions that help shape the business of tomorrow’. To present this visually I experimented at ways to show the future, an interesting way to show this is how society will develop in the future, from this into future buildings, and building that push the architectural norm which is currently in our cities today.

Dec the Designer says:
Sage 50 is an all in one suite which can provide total control with which to 'run your business' more effectively. I have chosen this play on words and focused on the business world being a race. The man that stands out represents the readers company and how Sage 50 can help you take control of your businesses

Sage One

Kinspeed offer add-ons that integrate seamlessly with Sage One and offer new solutions for your business.

Sage 50 Payroll: Auto-enrolment edition

Takes away the hassle of the new working pensions, helping you stay on track, guiding you through the pension enrolment process

Dec the Designer says:
Sage 50 Auto Enrolment is designed to make life easy and simple, so your employees can have a happy and care free retirement. Although the software is not going to give them a retirement, just make the process of establishing one easier. I decided to approach the task by focusing on the end result, as opposed to the benefits the software brings to the employer. This is to help reinforce that when you use Sage 50 Auto-Enrolment, a happy and care free retirement is possible.

Human Resource Management

Sage HR & Payroll allows you to log your work force and manage their payroll, reducing the complexity of administration

Dec the Designer says:
HR is everything really, and it involves a bit of everything to function correctly. Within this image the different colours are there suggesting the different areas, all driving towards one goal. With the manager in the background providing direction to the team.