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The Cloud

Offering a range of IT services that will allow you to always be connected with your business

Dec the Designer says:
The Cloud is everything when it comes to virtual servers and one of the key features is accessibility. There is internet in space, so this image is to reinforce the fact that when they say anywhere, they mean anywhere.

Welcome to the new Microsoft Office 365

Dec the Designer says:
Office 365 boasts that it is everything you already know and love, just now its powered by the cloud, your office wherever you are’. With this in mind I have chosen this image to reflect the accessibility of your virtual world wherever in the world you might be. This image gives the reader the sense of the enormity of the globe by filling their screen and then over lapping give a sense of being slightly over powered but in an opportunistic way.

Cloud Hosting

Gives IT, computer and system access, anytime, anywhere, anyway

Dec the Designer says:
When approaching this it was very similar to Office 365, however instead of focusing on the wide accessibility, its focusing on the virtual hosting which is available anywhere. So focus on the source as opposed to where you can access it from. This cloud suggests that the host is free and easy to move around and that this source is diverse and flexible.